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       - 3.0
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       - 4.0
       - 5.0
       - 5.1
       - 5.3 (20 liter)
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       - 7.0
       - 7.5
    PAIL STYLES Open Head Nested
    Open Head Straight-Sided
    Tight Head (Regular or Inverted)

    Exterior Coatings Full range of exterior coatings are available to match company colors or product line marketing scheme. Exterior varnish applied to all litho products.

    Interior Linings Full range of interior linings are available to insure product integrity and compatibility. INSCO will assist customers with product compatibility testing to match appropriate interior pail linings. Pail inserts including plastic trays, cradles and liners are also available.

    Fittings Dozens of varieties of container fittings are available to meet customer specifications for both Open Head and Tight Head pail covers. INSCO helps select appropriate fittings to meet end use customer preferences.

    UN Ratings A full range of UN certified containers are available. INSCO assists customers in selecting the appropriate UN ratings to meet a products' hazardous materials shipping requirements.

    Lithography High quality metal decorating is available to match pails to a product lines' overall marketing scheme. One to eight color litho and four-color process litho available. INSCO provides design, artwork, and printing plate services to meet a customer's own internal capabilities.

    Covers Open Head pails feature 16-lug covers with latex flowed-in gasket. A variety of tubular gaskets can be submitted where particular product compatibility issues are of concern. Ring Seal covers with lever-lock or bolt style rings are available.

    Other Pail Features INSCO can customize other features of the pail such as head location, ear orientation, child warning labels, grips, special markings, etc. Just ask.

    Lead Times and Special Services INSCO strives to provide consistent lead times for our customers throughout the year. We work with each individual customer to meet delivery needs including special shipping and packaging requirements. We are flexible and responsive to each customer's particular needs.

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